Tonight, on a hill where the moon is visible

“Buutifuru Raifu” is a Japanese terebi dorama, which was a massive success in 2000 and beat various rating and award records. In ten episodes it tells a story of Shuji, a trendy hair stylist on his way to the top, and Kyoko, a mousy disabled librarian. But it’s not a simple story of a love-inspired makeover. Kyoko fights bravely for her dignity, while Shuji is not at all comfortable in the highly competetive world of glamour, although, against his father’s will, he chose it over becoming a doctor.    

buutifuru 1

Shuji is played by Takuya Kimura, whom I knew from the film “2046” and whom the Japanese know as the ultimate sex symbol and husband of equally famous Shizuka Kuudo. Reading about him for the sake of this entry, I discovered that in many biograms you can learn his blood type, which reminded me how important this piece of information is for many Asians. BTW, anyone with B- out there? It’s so rare we could set up some sort of a club or something. Unfortunately, Takuya is a common zero ;(

buutifuru 2


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