„La Petit Train” music video was my first glimpse of Bollywood. I adored it – loved the colours and the dance moves – but as it was Eastern Europe in 1989, I had no idea what Bollywood was and thought that the song was… Georgian.

I rediscovered it around 1997 when I watched all of my dad’s music videos recorded on video tapes looking for something interesting and unusual to copy onto audio tape. Those video tapes of his were my Last FM in that pre-Internet era. Now I was big enough to know that the lyrics were in French. The memory of the video must have faded quickly though, as I can’t recollect being surprised by this multi-culti combination.

In 2004 or so I recognised the female voice from “La Petit Train” in an equally energetic song called “Cool frenesie”. That’s how I learned about Rita Mitsouko.

And today I finally watched the “Georgian” video on Youtube and (surprised by the barbed wire fence I completely forgotten about) looked for the lyrics to have them automatically translated into English. And it turned out it’s no Dan TV but a song about concentration camps!

I wonder what Kishore Kumar is singing about…



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