– The coughing daughter of the sausage maker from Nepal squatted on the board.
– The rude bull was chewing on my new fruit pudding when I shoot him.
– I heard an absurd bird chirping on my perch about a murder of an earthworm.
– The Sergeant covered his bizarre onion with a dozen honey hearts.
– Ruth’s cushion proved to look like a wooden tulip screwed to a bush.
– Many camels send apple petals in granite chests crashing lemon jam jars below. 
– The bald Austrian last called me roaring on the lawn last autumn.
– A starved duck was shovelled onto the path by chance.
– A whipped weeping widow weeded secret sick beans tinned for teens.
– My student Rupert Worcester moved the tool with a hook through his foot.
– Leonard, Sam, Ken and Harry mended charity berry crasher in a weathered tavern.
– A first class flood clerk won some Panama double baskets at the bazaar.
– Funny Fanny shut a shattered mongrel in an Avon oven bundled badly in a ragged rug.
– The good human wolf could have put food with a spoon in June.
– The silken seal digs deep a field filled with licked leeks and beans in bins.
– Ten fantastic friends travelled west handling heavy sandwiches.
– Moose fairies cease to crease gloves when dogs are loose in the houses.
– Polly hoped sobbing that hopping on a holly pole will clog coal robbed from the hole.
– A mat rod dubbed “stilt” prodded into the felt emitted a subtle pitiful sound.

Creating pronunciation exercises is fun 🙂


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