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December 29, 2009

My husband has stuck this lovely gold and red poster in our living room as a Christmas ornament this year, but “Chinese Odyssey 2002”, starring my beloved actors Tony Leung and Faye Wong (pictured on the left) is of course one of the so-called “lunar new year films” released annually in Hong Kong in late January or early February to boost cinema ticket sales during the three-day holidays. The Year of the Tiger starts on February 14th 2010, which is a good reason to celebrate it even if you’re not Asian.  Especially as Tony Leung actually IS a Tiger 🙂 More information on lunar new year films at:

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December 22, 2009

When I first approached what is probably my favourite building in the world I wasn’t able to find anything that looked like a legitimate entrance. And no wonder. Imagine a hospital – one of those hospitals located in the middle of nowhere at the outskirts of a city, probably with its own bus line, and then take five or six of them, attach them around a medium-sized airport terminal and there you are – welcome to Bielefeld University! Huge as it is, it has only two entrances which look convincing enough for an outsider – and either was about two kilometres away from where I stood that day 🙂 But when I finally got in through a dusty passage underneath some lecture theatre – oh, what a delight! I found myself in a 1960s fantasy…

from afar

larger than life

and it's, like, three kilometres long? 🙂

The hall seemed to be about three kilometres long, had a glazed greenhouse-y roof two floors above me and apparently contained all facilities ever needed by a human being, from a post office to a lost property office, including a full-sized swimming pool with a diving tower at one end, separated from an adjacent restaurant and cafe by glass walls.  At the other end, just behind the theatre, there was a six-metre high red turbine-like device and when it got, well, windy in the hall one day I discovered it was… switched on every weekend to suck in fresh air from the outside!

There were two other amazing things accessible from the hall – one was the cafeteria (oder Mensa), and the other the library (oder Bibliothek).  The next post is going to be about them.