As everyone keeps asking me the same set of questions and not all of my friends are on FB, I decided to use WordPress to keep you updated. Sorry if this seems too impersonal. If you want the personal, just book a flight to Bilbao and I can bore you to death at your pleasure with the usual stuff ;). And so, at least for a while, my highly sophisticated blog shall change into yet another expat diary of sorts. How dull.

Most of you know by now that in July I got my CELTA, and as CELTA was invented by an international organisation called International House, I decided to try my luck and sent my CV to their London HQ. As a result I was offered two full-time TEFL jobs: at Ih San Sebastian and at Ih Moscow. Mind you, this wasn’t an easy choice – I hate heat, I feel distinctly Northern European, I quite enjoyed my 19 years in a blokowisko… Hey, I can even read Russian now!      

I’m leaving on 17th or 18th September (the contract ends in July BTW), so I’m terribly busy right now – writing the blog, looking for nice photos of the bay, wondering if my favourite painting will survive Lufthansa and so on.  Oh, this pic might do:

Read you soon, Sul.


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