The little things

– door knobs are placed in the middle of doors
– 95% of dogs are tiny and white
– coffee in cafes is cheaper
– even 5-lane streets can be one-way
– most pavements are washed early in the morning and I’ve seen several people washing shopping widows (awnings etc.) too
– windows of the interior rooms (and kitchens) open into a well used for hanging washing and chatting with neighbours
– pavements are paved with small slippery tiles
– haven’t heard anyone speaking Basque but in writing it’s everywhere – words like ‘txofre’ or ‘ikurrak’ (it reminds me ofWales)
– there are huge vending machines in the centre selling… milk
– my supermarket sells pimento, olive oil in plastic bottles and 15 kinds of tined asparagus but it doesn’t sell bread (and there’s just one kind of black tea)
– there seem to be a lot of babies and toddlers around
– every day you see at least one person with a surfboard
– cycle paths and bicycles everywhere
– seen a rat


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