Would you agree that the problem with a typical serious beauty/fashion/travel/cookery blog is that those people seem to have much too much time (and money) on their hands? I truly admire Azjatycki Cukier, for instance, for her extensive knowledge of Asian cosmetics but buying four different carefully chosen products for my face alone (not to mention make-up) and applying them according to the rules of one of the many Japanese face massages will never be as tempting as another 15 minutes on Pudelek.

Isn´t it a better idea to get advice from complete sloths like me instead? If I say a cosmetic is a miracle it really is – normally I don’t even notice them. You can also bet that they are relativelly cheap, readily available (no online shopping for Korean samples necessary) and, most importantly, fuss free.

So, if you want a real blog, go to Azjatycki Cukier or Make Life Easier (or Make Life Harder for that matter). Or watch that video:

If you are still reading, though, here is my list of Top 10 Cosmetics 🙂

Gives you volume from the 1970s plus the bottle lasts for ever.

Makes the lines around my mouth disppear, so how possibly could I give it up.

Expensive but does its job, gets absorbed really quickly and smells like heaven.

Lasts for ever.

Other 50+ blocks give me unwanted geisha look – this one is light and moisturises as well as protects.

Easy and shimmery. The brown one is universal.

Organic and versatile: can be used as body lotion, hair conditioner, shaving cream… And you can eat it too 🙂

I have SPF 30. Amazing smell and not oily at all.

Difficult to get, I suppose, but a wonderful hand moisturiser that fills the bathroom with its delicate natural smell.

And finally
The one and only. Gets everywhere.

If you found the last product particularly boring, you can go to:


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