Basque traditions amaze me with their exoticism. I know I have written on this blog about most of them but “one picture bla bla bla…

1. Olentzero, local version of Father Christmas:

2. Tamborrada or “people dressed up as chefs making a loooot of noise for 24h late in January”:

3. Caldereros or a curiously racist tradition connected to the carnival:

4. One of the national sports – climbing and chopping wood at the same time:

5. Another lovely sport:

6. Chupinazo, the beginning of San Fermines in Pamplona seems more important than the New Year´s Eve:

7. And then every day for 9 days you get up early to watch the “encierro” (bull running):

8. Unless you are really young, in which case you watch “gigantes”:

9. “Abordaje” in August – some kids don´t need to dream of becoming pirates:

10. And another pretext to drink all day in late August – traineras fighting for “bandera de La Concha”:

Let me know if i should describe something in more detail. Ale nie ma to jak Andrzejki 😉


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