Dear cyclists and pedestrians of SanSe,
I really don´t understand why you behave like this on cycle lanes only. Go on, move to the roads, nobody can take away your freedom!

1) Drive next to your friend´s car to be able to talk to them while driving. You can always go back to your lane if you see a car coming from the opposite direction.

2) Walk in the middle of the road, along the road, texting.

3) Drive with the hands off the wheel – after all you want to go straight ahead. It´s so useful – eg. you can make a ponytale while driving. Driving and crossing a crossroads.

4) While stopping at traffic lights, don´t stop behind the car in the front of you – stop next to it. Oh, the excitement of who´s going to cross the crossroads first and fit into the single lane!

5) If you need to check anything, just stop in the middle of the road. Take your time.

6) If a turning at straight angle seems like too much of a hassle, just drive across the pavement or the lawn. You´ll save lots of time.

7) Never indicate which way you want to turn. It´s obvious.

8) Roads are so much smoother if you are walking with a heavy suitcase. With two friends. Fully focused on your map.

9) Ignore red lights. You are in a car, you are fast enough to make it in time.

10) Switching on lights at night? What for? if someone can´t see you, they are clearly dumb.


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