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December 27, 2015

I think from now on we need to spend Xmas in Poland/UK/Sweden/even NYC, and only come back to Spain for the “Reyes” (parade+presents) on Jan 5th, because I just can’t stand the holiday season without:
1) vegetable dishes (it´s only seafood, ham and paté here – accompanied by conversations on how healthy it all is)
2) music (I want my boy choirs, Nat King Cole, Mariah & Co – both at home and in shops)
3) (carol) singing
4) presents (here presents are for kids and 5/6th of Jan is a muchmore popular date)
5) other traditions (opłatek, crackers, something!)
6) dress code (tracksuits, really?)
7) sweet things that are neither sugary almond sand, nor sugary almond concrete
8) left-overs (here X-mas food ends with the Xmas Day lunch)
9) special Xmas editions of one’s favourite weeklies (as far as I know, there is only one weekly here)
10) real Xmas trees