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October 22, 2009

It all started with Super Dollfies. I read about them in some blog about Japan, I suppose, and I was genuinely  surprised at how popular they are. Some of them look really pretty – as far as ball-jointed dolls (or BJDs as they are called) go – but frankly, I prefer the old-fashioned ichimatsu. And I hate collecting things, so I find the idea of collecting stuff not only for yourself but for your doll(s) too slightly disturbing. I don’t like Japanese dolls as such anyway. Teruteru bozu remind me of that cartoon ghost Casper. Daruma seem to come straight from one of those sadistic horror movies. Anesama and hagoita usually… hm… lack style? The only kind I really love are kokeshi dolls – so kawai! Sometimes, when I just want to see something beautiful, I look them up with Google Graphics (or I watch “Solitude standing” video on Youtube).  

Before writing this post I searched my memory for any past experiences with Japanese dolls and it turned out that I actually OWN a couple of Japanese dolls.  One is a shiori, which I keep upright stuck in an metal ikebana pinholder covered with little hanami-like artificial flowers. Then there is a hina ningyo-shaped postcard, which says: “Droga Joanna Będę zą Tobą tęsknić. Mam nadzieję, że się kiedyś zobaczymy. Z pozdrowieiniami Aya”. I’ve also come across a large display case with hina ningyo in a… Danish psychiatric ward – and I have a photo to prove it!  Well, at least it wasn’t a Twilight dolfie!