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May 30, 2014

Yesterday I discovered a Youtube channel called – I wanted to see the video to “Ice Ice Baby” (strictly for the sake of my recent “Sample” post) and came across their amusing Top 10 lists of ridiculous videos from the 90s and 80s. What happened later is easy to predict – instead of dusting the flat, I kept browsing and clicked on yet another compilation, this time of Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos.

Was I disgusted or something? No, but I should have expected this – they were all for boys! (Except one – or two, if you are into Thicke´s suits) So I started thinking – what would my private list be like? Are there any music videos from the early 90s featuring bare-chested Kevin Costner? Did Barbra Streisand´s first husband embarked on a music career?

First thoughts – in general, male musicians are not as sexy as, say, rugby players. Have you seen David Gahan in the lasts seconds of “I feel you”? Oh, come on, man, go to the gym! 😉 Of course, what might work for you is, dunno, Lenny Kravitz, but, personally, I don´t seem to label vocalists as sexy, as readily as I do it with their female counterparts.

Another issue is what sexiness is. For me. For women. I don´t need a skimpily clad Calvin Klein model to call a song sexy. It´s the song itself might be steamy, or the singer´s voice. Also, unlike most men, I do find some women attractive, although I have an impression that I perceive them as beautiful objects rather than as possible sexual partners.

Here is my private list then – naturally, totally biased. I´m not inserting links so that you could see the videos from the very beginning.


10. Robbie Williams “Millenium”

When I look at this face, despite the impish smile, I see a drug addict and an alcoholic, but I wouldn´t mind limiting this video to the scenes with Robbie in the dressing gown and Robbie on the boat. (Robbie does appear stark naked in a few clips but they are so bereft of any sparkle that I give them a miss).


9. Janet Jackson “Someday is tonight”

I´ve just realised this is not a video! Ha, ha, I must be a really imaginative person then. Well, anyway, this is a typical example of what in Polish is called a “between-the-sheets song” (“poscielowa”) – a song you can make love to (or rather, indulge in foreplay to), featuring R&B rhythms, whispers, rain, sax and Janet Jackson going Meg Ryan (I would skip that part if I were you though).


8. Prince “When the doves cry”

While it is true that Prince is even skinnier than David Gahan, honestly, how many music videos do you know with straight men emerging slowly from bathtubs and walking slowly on all fours? Among flowers? I admit to a penchant for black leather, too.


7. Tina Turner and Barry White (not Antonio Banderas, please!) “In your Wildest Dreams”

I´ll give you the link this time because this one is difficult to find. Not only a perfect “between-the-sheets” song, but sheer pleasure to watch Tina and her tastefully moving dancers (mind how relatively small their boob are!).


6. David Bowie “Modern Love”

Just the first seconds. I don´t care what he´s murmuring about, but it makes you want to be his little China girl :p


5. Chris Isaac “Wicked Game”

A classic. Beautiful black and white shots, everything very tasteful and romantic. Chris is very cute too and the wrinkles on his forehead remind me of another heartthrob, Luke Perry.


4. Tangerine Dream “Love on a Real Train”

I´m not a fan of scientology but ever since Robin Hood met Clannad I melt to most of electronic music. Warning: they are having sex indeed!


3. Kylie Minogue ” Slow” (Chemical Brothers Remix)

a) Over 7 minutes of Chemical Brothers genius while b) Kylie c) (in a wetsuit) has a fit d) in slow motion e) surrounded by male models in trunks f) at a swimming pool in Barcelona


2. U2 “With or WithoutYou”

A skimpily clad, muscular rockstar singing about sexual intercourse in a voice the texture of milk chocolate… (Now you know who I had a cruch on back in secondary school). PS. Short men age mercilessly…


1.  U2 “Red Hill Mining Town”

A skimpily clad, muscular rockstar singing about miners? Yes, because he got very very sweaty down the mine, and let his hair down too.


Very subjective as you can see. What about your suggestions?